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ReadyFlor is Australia's best selling pre-finished timber floor.
Simply stunning in appearance and made from some of the
world's finest hardwoods, using environmentally friendly
resources, ReadyFlor offers excellent resistance to day-to-day wear and tear and is easy to maintain.

Manufactured by methods considered to be the best in the
world, ReadyFlor carries a Lifetime Structural Warranty and
is now available with both the standard glue-together profile
or the famous Uniclic installation system. Choice of Installation. Floating ReadyFlor over an approved underlay is the quickest and easiest method of installation, however, ReadyFlor can also be glued directly to the sub-floor.

ReadyFlor with S.R.T.
(Scratch Resistant Technology)

ReadyFlor is pre-finished using a remarkably tough UV finish coating designed to cope with even the most demanding family and commercial environments. ReadyFlor S.R.T. with Nano Technology provides superior protection against fine scratches that occur from day-to-day foot traffic and unlike ceramic or aluminium oxide finishes, can be re-coated easily using a large array of approved Australian made coatings. Now for the first time, S.R.T. incorporates an anti-microbial treatment. This treatment actively inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungus, providing a more hygienic living environment all year round. Manufactured to the highest standards in Sweden, ReadyFlor S.R.T. laboratory tests show a 30 fold improvement in the prevention of fine scratching.

It not only provides advanced protection against fine scratching, it ensures your floor will continue to look good and feel great. Of course, while ReadyFlor S.R.T. is not "scratch proof", be assured that this state-of-the-art coating will provide you with one of the most scratch resistant pre-finished flooring surfaces anywhere in the world. We are so confident, we offer a 25 year wear warranty.

Environmentally friendly
Material sustainability is a crucial part of our manufacturing equation. That's why the hardwoods we select are as environ-mentally friendly and sustainable as possible. In addition, the core of each and every ReadyFlor board is made using plantation hardwood, known as rubberwood (hevea brasiliensis). After the rubber tree has finished its productive life, instead of burning it, we use this very stable hardwood as the structural core of every board in the ReadyFlor range.

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